Agn money


Indian Rupee INR


United States Dollars USD


European Currency Units EUR


Australia Dollars AUD


Canadian Dollars CAD 1.7221
Japan Yen JPY


UAE Dirham

AED 4.8101
Singapore Dollars SGD 1.8818

Last Updated 17/08/18@10.00a.m

AGN Money Corporation Ltd is one of the UK's leading specialists in providing foreign exchange, and we are also "THE" Leading specialists in providing our customers with an issue free and enjoyable experience. We've been around since 2004, and have been acting as a premier Foreign Exchange and Money Transfer Company ever since.

Based in East London, and as you have probably already gathered, have now been doing business for over seven years. Seven years in which have allowed us to formulate the correct strategy to show our superiority over our competition.  We have an extremely large customer base, and among these, an array of clients who regularly use us for all of their foreign exchange needs.  The Customer is always right!